Sometimes his eyes were green, sometimes they were golden,..but always they were Precious and Pure! Always close to our hearts you will be! Such a Good boy & Sweet cuddle bug! Truly a story of Alley cat turned into a Prince,... 2003,.. a small frightened tuxedo kitten saved from a desperate attempt to survive by getting caught up high in a thorny Locust tree, encased in a piece of garbage (a Jimmy Deans sausage wrapper), and by chance saved by his tiny meow heard in the night and rescued by two tender hearts! Precious Prince and keeper of our Hearts he turned out to be, indeed! Gentle Keeper of his dogs respect and his Humans Love. Healthy and Strong, taken too soon from this world from Coyotes boldness, just feet from our home. Miss you Charlie with All of our hearts! God certainly has a Wonderful place prepared for You!