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Grief Resources

We know firsthand the pain that comes with the loss of a pet. That’s why we want to be a place for you to come and find comfort for your loss as well. We’ve put together a list of resources online where you can read heartwarming stories of others going through the same things as you and feel less alone as you grieve the loss of your beloved pet.

Eventually, as the weeks and months pass, you’ll find yourself healing. You’ll never stop loving and missing your pet, but you’ll find comfort in knowing that they are in a better place now.

Most important of all, you will know that, while they were here with you, you gave them the best life ever. They loved you to pieces, and we bet they wouldn’t have traded one second of the life the two of you had together.


When summer warms you and winter has passed
I walk with you through fresh mown grass.

When dry leaves rustle and autumn shows,
I am with you running in the wind that blows.

When winter arrives and its cold outside
I am by the fire, right by your side.

When spring shows the world that all is new
Sweet memories of me will comfort you.


 Share Your Memorial With Other Pet Lovers


Along with the Grief resources offered on this page, Eternal Paws Quality Pet Cremation offers an online Memorial for our community of pet lovers.

Please share your own story here, and we’ll add you and your beloved pet to our blog.