Quality Pet Cremation Services

Helping families and veterinarians with afterlife pet care

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Because they’re part of your family too…

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 Respect | Dignity | Compassion

We know the connection you have with your family pet... we understand that they are another family member. We are inspired by the profound contribution that pets make in the lives of people and we love pets just as you do. We’re here to help you plan for these hard moments ahead of time, and be your support during the end of your pet’s life.

Any pet lover can find peace, comfort, and care by using Eternal Paws Pet Cremation. We come along side you during the most difficult time in your pet’s life and your family’s journey...the passing of a beloved pet.

You can rest assured that your pet is treated with respect, compassion and that our cremations are guaranteed to be private, assuring that you will receive only your pets remains. We use a ID tag tracking system which allows us to identify the pet through the entire process.


We use metal ID tags to guarantee private pet creation
services and we specialize in quality custom urns for
your special companion.